About Us

The germ of the idea of Sky Club was born at the solo party given by Neville and Prasad at Baramati on October 2011. Vishwas was attending the party, and was attracted to the idea of owning an aircraft. Having bought and flown a microlight aircraft earlier, he was painfully aware of the problems involved in purchase and ownership of an aircraft. Initially the idea was to buy a used Cessna 172, but the cost and availability of AvGas was a big hurdle. Prasad and Vishwas went to Friedrichschafen, Germany in 2013 to explore other options. They saw the Diamond DA40 there, and were immediately attracted to it. Shirish and Neville gave their immediate go-ahead, and the rest as they say, is history.

Neville Bharucha:
Along with Prasad Bhat, Neville was the initially the originator of the idea of purchasing an aircraft which would eventually become Sky Club. Neville started flying in July 2011 and is a very regular flyer. He obtained his Private Pilot’s License in, and has about 400 hours under his belt to date. He is one of the Prime Movers behind Sky Club. He has flown several aircraft and has an Open Rating. He is also qualified in multi engine aircraft.

Prasad Bhat:
Neville and Prasad began flying together, and have become close friends. Their shared passion of flying has brought them together, and many adventures has only strengthened the bond. Prasad obtained his P.P.L. in June 2012 and has more than 300 hours. His extremely busy schedule keeps him away from his love of flying more than he would like, but still manages to put in several hours every month.

Neville and Prasad are indefatigable where Sky Club is concerned, and it would not exist and run without them.

Vishwas Bhisey:
Vishwas has been longest into flying, and the most experienced member of Sky Club. His flying adventures started in 1986 with Gliding. He flew intermittently until 2005, when a flight with a friend brought back the flying bug in force. He started flying again in earnest in 2010, and obtained his license in 2008. With more than 400 hours, Vishwas also has a Sport Pilot’s license in Australia. He is currently pursuing a Private Pilot’s Certificate with Instrument rating in the U.S. Other flying interests include helicopters. He has flown Light Sport aircraft, paragliders, Powered Parachutes apart from General Aviation aircraft.

Dr. Shirish Valsangkar:
At 60 Shirish is the most senior flyer of the founding members of Sky Club. A neurosurgeon by profession, he is the newest pilot of the original group. He started flying in January 2013, and already has around 350 hours under his belt, and the only one in the group to obtain a Radio Telephony (Restricted) License; the holy grail of Radiotelephony in India. He intends to pursue Instrument Rating in India, despite the very high requirements.

Raman Jadhav:
Though the only non flyer in the group, Raman was instrumental in providing crucial support in the purchase of the aircraft. An extremely successful businessman, work has not permitted him to participate in flying activities.